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The app that provides online, anonymous comparisons of your results to other finance sources for Sales, Credit, Portfolio and Loss Management metrics.

Continuous Enterprise-Wide Business Value

AFSA Pulse Enterprise Effectiveness

Senior Leadership

Monitor key enterprise sales, liquidation & profitability metrics with like competitors. Enhance evaluation of merger, acquisition, investment & consolidation opportunities.


Use competitive & internal core-process effectiveness levels, diagnostic metrics & attributes to identify & prioritize improvements across the whole auto finance domain spectrum.

Sales & Marketing

Segment the market, use time sales analysis and analyze sales strategies competitively & internally.

Strategy & Planning

Identify the most significant competitive advantages & gaps. Capitalize on strengths & close the most important gaps first.

Easy Import

Easily import your data through AFSA Pulse's user friendly API. The values needed are a limited number of industry-standard, base data items, accumulated at the filter-value level with no associated customer data.


Evaluate originator & servicer performance to assess operational risk & to prioritize investment capital allocation alternatives.

High ROI, Low Cost of Membership

AFSA Pulse benefits include:

  • Reduced staffing requirement for internal competitive reporting resources
  • Reduced IT resources ad-hoc regulatory or press responses
  • Reduced licensing/subscription costs for outside services
  • Reduced IT resource requirements for benchmarking
  • Respond to regulators requests and allegations
  • Educate and inform legislators and their staffs
  • Correct inaccurate or misleading press
  • Alerts based on marketplace-relative metric absolute and relative thresholds
  • Prioritize Initiatives Based on Marketplace Impact
  • Benchmark Operations Internally over Time
  • Senior management and Board of Director visibility
  • Substatiiate resource needs
  • Improved rating agency and regulator relationships

Benchmarking Evolution to
Real-time Analytics

Market-forward institutions continue to invest in competitive intelligence and benchmarking tools...But companies need more advanced capabilities.

  • More, frequent & timely data

  • Broad, deep industry membership

  • Drill-down & trend analysis

  • Exception-based management

  • Expanded metric & filter set

  • Enhanced data security

  • Feature-rich user interface

  • Analytical technology engine

How it Works

Have constant awareness of your relative industry position and track record related to hundreds of vehicle financing metrics for Originations, Credit, Portfolio and Loss Management.

Start getting your pulse into the market in 3 easy steps:.


Login to AFSA Pulse

Each user login is tied to a secure and unique company key.


Build Your Dashboards

Selecting from the library of metrics, users can create, filter and save unique dashboard views.


Get Your Pulse!

Once created, your data becomes live for you to start getting your pulse to the market in seconds!

Connect - Build - Analyze

View Current Marketplace Information

AFSA Pulse does everything you've been wanting to do for the auto finance marketplace, industry benchmarking and more! The user-friendly and extremely intuitive UI provides a powerful tool to determine your position among others in the industry and to use that knowledge to set priorities and improve results.




Data driven management with Triggers and Alerts

  • Triggers
  • All Metrics
  • All Filters
  • Discrete Value
  • Data Element Ratios
  • Alerts
  • Periodic or period end
  • Notification to author
  • Action item(s) to manager(s)

View Current or Trends in 1 Click

Easily swap between current and trend views with the trends toggle.

Jericho Insights
Visualized in Fully Interactive Maps

Review Jericho Insights by market, utilizing the full range of filters and drill down analysis.


  • Full Metrics Set by State & Zip Code

  • Analyze Wallet Share

  • Timely Accurate Market Data

  • Complete Filter & Drill Down Analysis


  • Instantly Compare Multiple Lenders

  • View & Analyze Trends

  • Download Dealer Details for More In Depth Analysis

  • Get a 12 Month Rolling View of Your Competitors Production

Metric Comparability - Apples to Apples

AFSA Pulse

Comparative Benchmark Capabilities

Data Integrity
  • Collected from participant systems of record
  • Automated collection minimizes work effort
  • Standardized metric definitions
  • Systematic staffing allocation
  • Automated data submission validation
  • Continuous performance monitoring
  • Self-reported with incompatible data lineage
  • Manual work effort for data provision
  • Disparate client metric definitions
  • Participant-determined staff functional alignment
  • Ad hoc data validation
  • Static performance look
Metric Analytical Capability
  • Feature-rich user interface
  • Monthly reporting cycle
  • Trend analysis
  • Extensive filter drill-down capability
  • Continuous reporting
  • Extensive exception-based reporting
  • Flexible peer group comparison
  • Fixed-format printed reports
  • Periodic point-in-time reporting cycle
  • Static peer group comparison
Additional Added Value
  • Hotline for expert telephone consultations
  • Multiple business line and international
  • Advisory Board driven enhancements
  • Continuous monitoring with proactive alerts
  • Periodic meetings at main industry events
  • Periodic participant meetings

Member Data Anonymity

AFSA Pulse has NO MEMBER DATA displays or tables.

The application needs a minumum of 5 data sources available in order to provide results. This ensures that no member data will be exposed based off low market areas.

Data Security - Banking Standards

AFSA Pulse uses the highest security standards to ensure your data is secure and remains completley anonymous.

No Customer ID's

No customer ID data such as account number, name, address, SSN

No Accounts

Only a small number of elementary data items

Secure Database

Database resides in a secure industry-standard site


Secure user login

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